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                     Warwick Youth Basketball Game Rules                      


We follow HIGH SCHOOL rules - NOT college or NBA


1.  Each half is 20 minutes running time with a 3-5minute break for 1/2 time.  Clock only stops if

     a player is injured AND for time-outs.  ONLY 30 second time outs.  (2 per team, per half).   

    The  clock also stops during the LAST two minutes of the game.  (not halves or quarters).


2.  No full court press except in the last two minutes of the game.  ** If your team is up by more than 10

     points (11+) then YOUR team cannot press.**


3.  For younger kids (boys 3-4th and girls 3-5th), foul line is at the bottom of the circle.  Older kids use

     the regular foul line.


4.  There will only be foul shots taken when a player is fouled in the act of shooting,  For all other fouls,

     the ball is taken out at the side court or on the base line.  Does not count if a player steps on or over the

     foul line.


5.  Lane violations called in for older kids: (Boys 5th-8th, girls 6th-8th). The B 3rd-4th and G 3rd-5th  

     graders will be reminded to move around.  Violations will be called in the last 3 games of the season.


6.  EQUAL playing time for ALL players!  Every player must be substituted fairly.  EX: Only 7 players?

     Each player will play 14-15 minutes each half. The "best" player cannot play the entire game or half.


7.  Substitutions can be made during a DEAD ball.  Not on the "fly"  Send players to the score table.


8.  For younger kids (B-3rd-4th, G-3rd-5th) When necessary, coaches are allowed on the court during the

     game to help with instructing plays and positions.  However, the clock WILL remain running.


9.  A Zone or MAN to MAN defense may be played in both Boys 5th -8th & Girls 6th - 8th divisions.

     However, in zone defense, players may not sit back & pack the zone forcing jump shots. They will be

     told to move around. Only man to man defense can be played in the B 3rd-4th & G 3-5th at all times.


10.  No picking up right at 1/2 court.  You must give the opposing team enough room to cross over the

       half court line (at least 3 feet).  Objective:  To play the ball.


11.  Boys 7th & 8th grade:  After 7 team fouls we are shooting 1-1.  After 10 team fouls: 2 shots.


12.  Boys 7th & 8th grade:  3 point shots are allowed and will be given 3 points if made.  Both feet must

       be BEHIND the line while shooting.  When released, if foot steps on the line or over it, it still counts.


13.  Five (5) fouls allowed per player in Boys 5-8th grade and Girls 6-8th grade divisions.

       Six (6) fouls allowed per player only in the Boys 3-4th grade and the Girls 3rd-5th grade division.


14.  If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, first overtime is 2-minutes, 2nd overtime sudden

       death. (This rule applies to all B 5th-8th & G 6th-8th divisions.  In B3-4th & G 3-5th, first overtime is

       sudden death with a 2 minute running clock.  If ending in a tie again then game remains a tie.


15.  Two technical fouls and you are out of the game.  Tech=2 shots & possession of the ball.  Example:

       Tech foul: Unsportsmanlike conduct towards players, coaches, or officials, taunting, baiting,     

       excessive arguing, swearing, etc.  Flagrant fouls:  Intentionally causing injury or harm to anyone. 

       Swearing, physical fighting


      ALL technical fouls will result in 2 shots to the offended team & the ball remains with the offended   

      team at 1/2 court.  Please note:  In double technical fouls, there will be no shots awarded and the 

      alternation possession arrow will be used.


Any parent, spectator or coach in violation of rule 15 will be told to leave the gym and or building.