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                     Warwick Youth Basketball Game Rules                      


WYB follows HIGH SCHOOL rules - NOT college or NBA


1.  2 halfs played for all WYB games.  Each half = 20 minutes.... running time with a 3-5 minute break for Halftime

      *clock only stops for timeouts or an injury.  Refs make sure each TO = 1 minute max

      *each team gets 1 timeout per half

      *clock also stops during the LAST two minutes of the game

      *Coaches MUST send players to the scorers table first to get substituted in during next dead ball


2.  EQUAL playing time for ALL players!   Every player must be substituted fairly

      *Coaches rule =  take your total players present for that game & divide 200 total minutes by # of players.

       *examples:  if 10 players = 200/10 = 20 total minutes for each player = approx 10 minutes each half

             *if only 7 players = 200/7 = 28.5 total minutes for each player = approx 14 minutes each half

        *the "best" player(s) cannot play an entire half or game.... this is not travel / AAU basketball


3.  DEFENSEs:  

      *3rd-4th grade divisions = ONLY a Man to Man defense is allowed during the entire game

           *all defensive players must stay within the 3 point arc to help offense pass the ball & develop confidence dribbling

           *to help players dribble & pass more, NO Double teaming allowed in 3rd-4th grade divisions

      *5th grade & older = "Man to man" anywhere within halfcourt & "Zone" defenses are allowed (2-3, 1-3-1, Box 1, etc)

            *in zone defenses, refs will remind players to move around & not just sit back & pack the zone


4.  5th & older divisions = Full court press is allowed in last 2 minutes of the game

     3rd-4th grade divisions = Half court press is allowed in last 2 minutes of the game ... No full court press ever

      *If your team is up by 10 or more points then YOUR team cannot press 


5.  FOULs  =  Foul shots are taken when a player is fouled in the act of shooting

       *for all other fouls, the ball is taken out at the side court or on the base line

       *5th grade & older divisions use the regular freethrow line

       *3rd-4th grade players are allowed to shoot freethrows closer but not past the bottom of the circle

       *5 fouls allowed per player in 5th grade & older divisions

       *6 fouls allowed per player in 3rd-4th grade divisions


6.  Lane violations ("hanging out" in the lane / paint while on offense for 3 or more seconds) is called for 5th grade & older divisions

      *refs will remind 3rd & 4th graders to move around & get of paint..... violations can be called in all games starting in Feb.


7.  7th grade & older divisions = after 7 team fouls, opposing team is shooting 1-1 freethrows = bonus. 

       *after 10 team fouls = 2 freethrows = double bonus

        *7th grade & older = 3 point shots are counted. 

        *Both feet must be BEHIND the line while shooting.  When released, if foot steps on the line or over it, it still counts

        *NO 3 pointers in 3rd-6th grade divisions.   Younger ages are not encouraged to "chuck" / shoot long shots


8.  If the score is tied at the end of regulation:

        *1st overtime = 2-minutes & team winning at end is the winner

        *2nd overtime = sudden death = 1st point scored (shot or freethrow) wins the game for your team


9.  Two technical fouls & you are out of the game.  Tech = 2 shots & possession of the ball. 

        *Tech foul = Unsportsmanlike conduct towards players, coaches, or officials, taunting, baiting,     

           excessive arguing, swearing, etc. 

         *Flagrant fouls:  Intentionally causing injury or harm to anyone / fighting & can be automatically ejected


      ALL technical fouls will result in 2 shots to the offended team & the ball remains with the offended   

      team at 1/2 court.  Please note:  In double technical fouls, there will be no shots awarded and the 

      alternation possession arrow will be used.


      Any parent, spectator or coach in violation of Rule 9 above will be told to leave the gym & / or building for that game.

       *they may be suspended from games for longer, if WYB board decides his / her actions deserve it.