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Frequently Asked Questions for YOUTH Division


Practices start December 1.  Games start in January and run thru mid March.


One shirt is provided to each player.  Be sure you order the correct size.  You will need to pay for a new one yourself if you order wrong size.  If your child played last season, try the shirt on and seeif you need same size or a bigger one.

Teams are redrafted every year in order to keep a balance in the division.

Practices are one hour, once a week either Monday, Tues, Wed or Thursday.  They are at Park Ave, Sanfordville, Kings School (Grace Church now) or the Middle school.  They are held between 6 and 9 pm.  8-9's practice from 6-7pm.  10-11's 7-8pm, 12-13's 8-9pm.


Games are held in Sanfordville or the Middle School.  We start with playing on Friday and/or Saturday's.  Towards mid season, due to holidays, we may have to play during the week as well.


No Jewelry is to be worn.  SHORTS and SNEAKERS are a must for all games.  NO EXCUSES!  Child will not play if they are not dressed properly.  We are not responsible for any misplaced jewelry or clothing that is left behind.  Players with long hair must tie hair in pony tail or braid (off Face) and no short shorts.  Finger length works well.

All teams are divided with 5 and 5 of each age group on a team from the division.

EX:  (5 - 8yr olds and 5 - 9yr olds on one team). (5-10's & 5-11's)  etc.


Although people try to "request" a player or a coach, this does not mean it will be honored.  The teams are drafted using a spinning wheel with a number system. This keeps the "stacking" of teams.   


We cannot honor carpooling and special favor's.  We also will not be forming teams that are made up strictly of "travel", "aau", or "cyo" players. 


Please be mindful of the fact that we have very limited practice times.  If your child is "overloaded" with activities you may have to choose what they can do.  We cannot move practices or teams for just one child's convenience. One the practice slots are filled that is how it remains.