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Frequently Asked Questions for FUNdamentals

This division is for 1st and 2nd graders only that are attending Park Avenue or Sandvordville Elementary School.  We are NOT taking any kinderardeners at this time.  Please do not ask for an exception.  If we have room after the registration count we MAY open it up to the OLDER kindergardeners only.  Proof of birthdate will be requested.

Practices start December 1.  Scrimmage games are held on Saturday's  betweenthe hours of 11-5 pm starting in January thru end of February.

Practices are one hour, once a week on any day,  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  They are held at Park Ave from 6 and 7 pm or the Middle school from 6:30-7:30pm.

Jewelry is NOT to be worn.  SHORTS and SNEAKERS are a must for all games. Your  child will not play if they are not dressed properly.  NO EXCUSES!  It is reccommended that any player with long hair  tie it back.        We are not responsible for any misplaced jewelry, clothing or water bottles that are left behind. 

All teams are divided equally with a mix of boys and girls together, all depending on registration #'s.

All parents are to sit on the bleachers during game time.  The seating along the game sideline is for the team players and coaches.

The last game day  there will be a team pizza party and a FUNday event for this division only.