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Warwick Youth FUN-damental Basketball 2022-2023 Game Rules








No score is kept for the 6/7 year old FUNdamental games during the season.


*Coaches should focus on teamwork, proper dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, etc.






No referees for 6/7 FUN-damentals age group.


*Coaches are in charge of flow of game & can enter court to teach or demonstrate.


*Before scrimmage games begin, there will be approx 10 mins of team vs. team fun relays (dribbling, shooting, etc)


*please end 3-5 minutes before end of the hour so your team can exit & next team can enter & warm-up.








Approx. Hour Timeline for Saturday scrimmage games in Jan - Mar:


1st 5 minutes = Players warm up as a team


Next 10-15 minutes = Team vs. Team FUN challenge competitions / relays….see examples below.


Last 40 minutes = Team vs. Team full court game


*All scrimmage games will be 5 vs 5.


*All 5 defensive players will stand on the marked 1-5 #s in your team bag in the lane while on defense.


*The #s reduce defensive pressure & allow teams more passes & better shots (more made baskets overall).








The 2 Head coaches will decide which fun competitions / relays to do each Saturday after team warm ups.







“Dribbling full length of court & back” competition


“Dribbling full length of court, lay up / jump shot & dribble back” competition


“Chest & Bounce pass” 1 long line team vs. team competition


“Lay-up”, "Free throw" & Jump shot competitions








NO Free throws for 1st 4 weeks of games, as it takes too long to set players up.


*If a 6/7 player is fouling, coaches can take time to explain & the ball is taken out at side court.


*In weeks 5-8, coaches can choose to set up & shoot free throws if they feel teams are ready.








EQUAL playing time for ALL players!  Every player must be substituted fairly.


*Main goals for this young 6/7 age is player development, confidence & learning the FUN-damentals!


*Rotate players at point guard during game so all get a chance to dribble the ball up the court