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Follow up 1st Practice December 8th
by posted 11/18/2022

1st Practice Thursday December 8th 

I goofed and forgot to write when our 1st practice begins. 

So to recap

1st Practice Thursday December 8th and every Thursday after that 

1st game Saturday January 7th games to follow either Friday evening or Saturdays until early March



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Follow up from previous email
by posted 11/18/2022

I forgot to mention please email me back if you havn't done so already to ensure that you got the communication and all emails are working correctly.  Thank you 

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Welcome WYB TEAM 12
by posted 11/18/2022

Greetings Parents,

I would like to introduce myself, Matthew Morales along with Ashley Schmehl as your coaches for FUNdamental TEAM 12 this season.  We are very excited and look forward to engaging your kids to the fundamentals of basketball, teamwork and basically fun & exercise.  

Our practices will be on every Thursday @ 6:15-7:15, (Park Elementary) 

Our 1st game will be on Saturday January7th.  All our games will be either Friday evenings or Saturdays mostly at the (Middle School) until about the beginning of March.  I will update you on the times and rest of the schedule when it becomes set and announced. 

It is recommended that you bring your own ball (27.5") and water bottles to practices.      

Please feel free to reach out via email, text or call if you have any questions or needed communications.  Also please let us know if you will not be able to make any practices or games so we can plan accordingly.  Thank you kindly and once again really can’t wait to get started


Matthew Morales (201)566-8131  matthewMmorales@gmail.com 

Ashley Schmehl (631) 871-6993 

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